peer-reviewed publications in reversed chronological order.


  1. jef.jpg
    Information in Unexpected Bonus Cuts: Firm Performance and CEO Firings
    William M. Cready , Zhonglan Dai , Guang Ma, and 1 more author
    Journal of Empirical Finance, 2024


  1. care.v40.4.cover.jpg
    Financial Statement Similarity
    Stephen V. Brown , Guang Ma, and Jennifer Wu Tucker
    Contemporary Accounting Research, 2023


  1. care.v39.3.cover.jpg
    Labor Market Benefit of Disaggregated Disclosure
    Sean Cao , Yinghua Li , and Guang Ma
    Contemporary Accounting Research, 2022


  1. care.v38.2.cover.jpg
    Adverse Selection, Diversion of Resources, and Conservatism
    Pei-Cheng Liao , Guang Ma, and Suresh Radhakrishnan
    Contemporary Accounting Research, 2021


  1. jal.png
    The Information Content of Operations-Related Disclosures
    Guang Ma
    Journal of Accounting Literature, 2019


  1. tar.jpeg
    Technological Peer Pressure and Product Disclosure
    Sean Shun Cao , Guang Ma, Jennifer Wu Tucker , and 1 more author
    The Accounting Review, Nov 2018


  1. care.2017.34.issue-1.cover.jpg
    The Market’s Assessment of the Probability of Meeting or Beating the Consensus
    Guang Ma, and Stanimir Markov
    Contemporary Accounting Research, Nov 2017


  1. JFR
    Equity Structure and Financial Restatement: A Research from China
    Guang Ma, and Chunsheng Zhou
    Journal of Financial Research, Nov 2005
  2. TMW
    Law, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Scandal in an Emerging Economy: Insights from China
    Guang Ma, and Yi Zhang
    The Management World, Nov 2005


  1. ES
    Central Bank Independence and Macroeconomic Performance
    Guang Ma
    Economic Science, Nov 2003